Over the years, I've come across a number of useful, informative, educational, and sometimes just plain fun articles, many of which may help you with some particular item of interest or concern about your poodle.  Help yourself!

Our PUPPY PURCHASE QUESTIONNAIRE is also here, which we request from all prospective puppy families.  It helps us make the best match we can of puppy to family!  We don't ask lots of questions because we're nosy - our goal is to make you happy, and especially to make our puppies happy and place them in a FOREVER home.  Our primary focus is the responsibility we have to do the best we can do for the puppies we breed!!!    You can download the buyer questionnaire, and email it to us when the time is right, or snail mail it if you'd rather.

Check back here often, I add articles often, and update old ones when it applies. 
.....just a little humor ..........  maybe!  Ha!

.....just a little humor .......... maybe! Ha!