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Standard Poodles should only receive positive reinforcement training - no shock collars, no prong collars, no physical discipline techniques!    Harsh correction training is a really good way to have a Standard Poodle just shut down for training, or worse, it can turn a wonderful, beautiful dog into a fearful reactive one.  Not at all what you want to achieve!    I highly recommend training with a Comfort Trainer, which is a head halter, and a wonderful, gentle way to train your dog with positive training, while maintaining control over the dog.    Please take a look - here's the link:  http://www.comforttrainer.net/.  Watch the video and consider adding this to your bag of tricks for training your puppy!!!

This is "Sky-Blue", one of my puppies, who lives with my friends Judy and Patrick Terry, in Colorado.  Sky-B was born late  2010 and this was his first visit with his veterinarian, the very well known Kevin Fitzgerald of Animal Planet's Emergency Vets fame!  Sky-B is very  lucky to have such a great vet and friend!!!    And, I think it's pretty cool, too!!!      Kevin appears regularly on a Denver TV show talking about different breeds - late in 2013 he featured poodles, and guess who stole the show - Sky-B!!!!     Have fun watching!    http://kwgn.com/2013/10/21/all-about-poodles/   Sky-B is now a star in his own right!!!!!   Ha!


If you just MUST have a puppy NOW (which we completely understand!), we usually know other poodle friends who may have puppies available or on the way, and are always happy to refer! If you would like to be placed on a contact list for future puppies, join the mailing list!


Remember when you're looking for that perfect puppy you may need to wait for a litter to be born. Reputable and careful breeders do not have puppies available at all times, even often have waiting lists,  and a good puppy is well worth the wait. If you are willing to settle for just any puppy, that is exactly what you will get - "Just any puppy! "

As a respected, reputable breeder of purebred Standard Poodles, I do not support the cross-breeding of poodles to any other breed.


Beverly Crosby





Click HERE to be linked to an excellent website to visit prior to your decision to allow a poodle to adopt you! - Versatility In Poodles    http://www.vipoodle.org.


Calisun Standard Poodles is a small kennel and breeder, producing only one or two litters a year. We are thorough in our breeding program, using care and caution, concentrating on health, temperament, structural soundness, and we try to produce puppies that are good for the future of the breed.

We expect to produce black, blue and cream/white puppies. Puppies will be well-socialized, health-checked and sent home microchipped and with all vaccinations appropriate for their age at delivery, dew claws removed and tails docked. Litter evaluations for show potential are  made at 9 weeks.  Each litter is also evaluated for temperament and obedience potential.  I do practice the Biosensor Program, an early neurological stimulation exercise program.  Ask me about it!

Potential buyers will be thoroughly interviewed to be certain the responsibility of owning a standard poodle is clear, and also to help make the best match of puppy to owner. Please don't be offended by our questions; it's concern, not curiosity! ..... A non-refundable deposit is required to "hold" a puppy.  All puppies sold as pets are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Puppies purchased for show potential will be co-owned until a championship is achieved, and a future responsible breeding contract will be included in the purchase documents. The latest changes in USDA regulations have effectively eliminated being able to ship a puppy site unseen.  Your best bet is to fly in, take possession, and fly the puppy home in cabin.

If any buyer is unable to keep or care for a puppy purchased through Calisun, we will gladly accept the return of your Calisun poodle for rehoming. 


According to breed scholars, the Poodle's origins likely took place in Germany where it was known as PUDELIN (meaning "to splash") because of its love of water. It was the French, however, who honored the Poodle at home, in court circles and on the battlefields thus earning the dog the popular but incorrect title, "French Poodle."

THE STANDARD POODLE is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America. Poodles are highly intelligent, active, adaptable and have a good sense of humor. Poodles come in three sizes, many colors, do not shed, and are well-tolerated by many allergy sufferers. With so many wonderful qualities, it is easy to understand why the Poodle has so many admirers. The Standard Poodle, originally a water retriever, is now enjoying multiple roles - hospital therapy dog, hunting dog, agility dog, obedience dog, assistance dog, and loyal companion. He is ideal for those individuals who prefer a larger, active dog.

The advantages to owning a standard poodle:

Highly intelligent, and adaptable
Delightful, clever temperament
Many colors to choose from
Breed of choice for allergy sufferers
Will keep you from becoming a couch potato

The disadvantages (not really!) to owning a standard poodle:

Requires regular professional grooming
Requires regular exercise
Once you own one you will never own anything else
You may have to buy a king sized bed!

Things you should rightfully expect from a reputable breeder - - - breed health issues are listed on their web site. The breeder has a written purchase agreement.  Health conditions for puppies are guaranteed in writing.   However, please understand, even when the sire and the dam and many generations have been tested and found free of specific health problems, there is absolutely no guarantee that a puppy will not develop one or more of the problems that commonly affect poodles - you just never know how the genes are going to line up in each breeding!   BUT, buying a puppy from a breeder who tests breeding stock considerably increases your chance of getting a long-term, overall healthy puppy. A reputable breeder will give you a written limited guarantee on the puppy's health, and information on the sire/dam's health certifications.   A responsible, conscientious breeder screens breeding stock for hereditary health problems prior to utilizing any dog in a breeding program, and ceases to breed animals which have produced a significant number of health problems in their offspring. They are delighted to answer any questions about the health and temperament of the puppy's sire/dam.