Lizzie's hips and SA tests today

Took Lizzie in for her hips and SA tests today in preparation for breeding.   She's clear by parentage on vWD and NE, eye clinic is May 31, so all I needed to do right now were hips and SA.  I'll do thyroid just before breeding, as I do with all of my girls.

Anyway, my wonderful vet (she is a repro specialist, a theriologist) says that of the dogs of mine that she's done, this one has the best chance of getting an "excellent" hip rating!  I sure hope so!  I've only  had goods so far - that elusive excellent has eluded me!    They give out less than 5% excellents on all submissions!   Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  SA should be fine as well.  Anyway, take a look!!!    Bev

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