Just call me terminally curious!

I had to make a quick run to my reproductive (and regular) vet today in Flat Rock NC, Dr. BJ Parsons, to have Josh collected for shipping.  He will be a daddy in St. Louis, Missouri this time!    Anyway, BJ has all this fancy new equipment she just loves to use, so I took Lizzie with me to see if I could interest her in doing a quick and easy ultrasound to cement the pregnancy confirmation in stone!    I enjoy seeing this stuff as much as she does!     As always, she told me that ultrasounds are generally just used to confirm, not to try and get a count on the number of puppies, so whatever we saw, there are probably more.  Keeping that in mind, she saw (and so did I!) seven!  SEVEN!  Yikes, my little petite Lizzie is really going for a bakers dozen!  LOL!  Not!  Means there could be 7-9 puppies.  I hope no more, so they will be at good birth weight, and nice and healthy!   We reviewed Lizzie's hip xrays and BJ says she sees no structural reasons Lizzie should have any trouble whelping, so here's hoping for a picture perfect delivery!!!  Seven!  OMG!   More?  Double OMG!       Bev

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