Something you might want to check out .....

Check out VetStreet -      It's main purpose is to provide a communication and marketing vehicle for vets to stay in contact with their clients, and provide useful and often humorous information to them about their canine and feline companions, information that will answer questions, offer ideas about solutions to specific behavioral or health problems, that will help them be better, more well informed, pet owners.

My vet offers this to her clients - benefits include the monthly newsletter, being able to look up my dogs vet records online, make appointments, etc.  I love it!  I learn something new every time!     If your vet doesn't offer it, you might show it to him/her, too.     

Anyway, you can "subscribe" to the site if you like and get your own newsletter minus the vet connection - chock full of good stuff to know, and lots of smiles!   OR, just put it in your bookmarks to reference in the future.  Guarantee you will learn something you didn't know, and an educated pet owner is a good pet owner!!!