To those of you who are fathers, to those of you who are sons or daughters, to those of you whose fathers are still with you, and to those of you whose fathers are gone - - - take a few minutes today to remember your father, appreciate what you learned from him for what he did right, and for what he didn't do right or did absolutely wrong.  Every experience you had with your father had an effect on the person you are today, good or bad.

My own father died 32 years ago at just age 62, far too young, erasing all those retirement plans he had with my Mom.  My brother, too, died early of cancer at just 56, so the main male influences in my life were gone in a flash!  Appreciate in the moment is the lesson I learned from their early departures.  Can't say I always did it, but I do try.      I miss them both dearly, every day, and I still to this day often have conversations (albeit one-sided!) with my Dad, and I swear sometimes I hear this voice saying "Tsk, Tsk!  You can do better!"    And, I'm ready to catch all kinds of grief from my Dad about what I could have done and didn't, when/if we get to meet again one day.  Some things never change!  LOL!

So, celebrate the day!   I truly miss my Dad and wish he were still here with me.


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