Good news!

The vet always gets the feedback from OFFA on testing before we do, and she called me this morning to tell me that Lizzie's SA (sebaceous adenitis) test came back "clear, normal"!!!  YAY!     Now just waiting for hips, and keeping my fingers crossed that we might get one of those elusive  "excellent" ratings.  Not holding my breath though since they give out so few, but I sure would like to see that!!!      Will do her thyroid testing when she comes into season - I just do a local thyroid test, not one for OFFA, as I test all my girls before any breeding they have.  Thyroid needs to be normal to high normal to sustain a pregnancy.  Lizzie is clear by parentage on NEwS (neonatal encephalopathy w/seizures) and vWD (vonWillebrand's), and her eye exam will be done at the May 31 eye clinic here.  And then she's done!!!  Yay!  

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