Don't know if this is good news or bad!

Hershey's/Mars just announced it has purchased the entire Vet Corporation of America (VCA clinics) and their chain of clinics for over 9 BILLION dollars.  Hershey has had a line of prescription diets for a while and has been looking for…

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Saying goodbye to Lilli ........

I am very sad to say that I lost my Lilli in late January to cancer.  She had surgery two years ago to remove an ugly mass from her chest wall, and there was a good chance it would return…Read more

Whisper is knocking it out of the park!

My white puppy girl, Whisper - Calisun Best Kept Secret - born last July, just started her show career about 4 weeks ago.  At her very first show (4 days, six shows, two poodle specialties), she went Reserve Winner four…Read more

Hope everyone had a grand, safe Christmas!!!

I found out on Wednesday before Christmas that Summer is not baking puppies in her oven!   I decided I'd wait until after Christmas to let everyone know so I didn't put a dent in the holiday festivities of those on…Read more

And this is a good example of why I am a breeder!

Meet Pasha, a gorgeous hunk of a boy from my 2013 litter from my girl Sunny, and Carter (Gr CH Kaylens Moments of Glory, owned by Kay Palade-Peiser), brother to my own girl, Raine.   Pasha is owned by Leslie Moyer…Read more

Pups start going to new homes September 8!!!

First one leaves Monday, Mr. Blue collar boy goes home with his new Mom, Jennie.  He will be Calisun Sure Shot Remington, call name Remy! 

Watch here for pics of puppies and their new families as they leave!


Several bits of good news.....

Chloe was operated on in June to remove four mammary cysts, small but came up fast.  They were malignant, which was horrifying news, but the vet felt like she got them all, just wasn't able to leave that margin of…Read more

Water dogs!

I put a kiddie pool on the back deck today, with about 2 inches of water, and plopped the puppies in to get their feet wet and see if any of them got the hang of it.  They all stood…Read more

puppy temperament evaluations

Just did the temperament evaluations yesterday, which I generally find fascinating.  This is the best tool I use as part of my determination of which puppy goes to which family, and while I am usually not surprised, sometimes there are…Read more


My computer died!  CPU was completely fried, so I have spent the last few days deciding on a new computer, trying to avoid Windows 8.1 and failing that, and now getting used to a new computer with a new operating…Read more