Don't know if this is good news or bad!

Hershey's/Mars just announced it has purchased the entire Vet Corporation of America (VCA clinics) and their chain of clinics for over 9 BILLION dollars.  Hershey has had a line of prescription diets for a while and has been looking for an bigger entrance to that market in veterinary practices.  Historically, as VCA purchased clinics for their chain, veterinary costs more than doubled at those clinics.    I am decidedly NOT a VCA fan - veterinary costs were already escalating, and VCA made it a whole new, astronomical ball game.  In my opinion, that means they are more about profits than they are about the health of our animals.   I know there are exceptions, and there are good vets there, but they have zero control over costs, and you and I pay the price for it.

Hershey has a good public reputation, and maybe they will take the time to compare costs at other veterinary facilities and "get real".   At the price they paid for VCA though, I'm not holding my breath!  

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