Tired of waiting?

SO AM I!  AND, SO IS LIZZIE!  Jordan, on the other hand could care less!   LOL!

We're on the homestretch!   As of tomorrow (Friday, July 4th), I will be on official "puppy watch", and will be pretty much housebound from then until the pups are at least a week old, baby monitors buzzing, and lots of running up and down stairs.  For a little petite girl, Lizzie is enormous and is now going upstairs like a walrus!  Ha!   Down is okay, but up is a chore.  And she is eating like a little Miss Piggy!  Lots of small meals -  not much room in there now!

The whelping box is set up, supplies are laid in.  Got lots of coffee and snacks for the long night I anticipate for whelping.  I have help coming to pitch in  - my sister in law, who's an old hand at this now, and my Mom who is just in charge of drinks and sandwiches!  Wants nothing to do with "birthin' babies"!    And, hopefully the timing will work out for my Furman pre-vet student, Cook English, to be here.  He has two doctor appointments in his home town he hasn't been able to reschedule and if Lizzie decides to conflict with her timing, he won't make it, and will be very disappointed.  So will I!  As a vet, he won't often get to see a "normal" whelping, just emergencies.  So seeing one that goes smoothly is a great learning experience.   He also plans to be on hand for the tail docking and dew claw removal.  Hands on, no just observing!

Lizzie's xray showed eight puppies, all about the same size, so now it's a wait and see what the split is between boys and girls.  For those of you getting puppies, I won't let you know the big event has occurred until the pups have been around for a day or two and I'm sure they are all going to thrive and make it.  You just never know.  But then I'll let you know!  Will try to call each of you with the good news, but if I send an email, don't be disappointed!

Here's Lizzie's xray - see if you can see all eight!!!   - Bev