Older Puppy Available

UPDATE!  She has a home!   Within ten minutes of sending out an email to my mailing list, and posting this original message here, I was contacted by two interested parties, and this sweet girl will be going home with her new poodle mom this Thursday!      I think it sounds like a match made in heaven, and a much better situation for her where she will be loved, get lots of attention, and be a treasured family pet!    Networking absolutely works!!!   Ha!   Thanks, everyone!   Bev

At the risk of getting deluged with inquiries - please just send an email, don't call! - I am aware of an older puppy that needs a new home - cream female, 7 1/2 months old, all puppy shots, AKC registerable (owner did not send in the original registrations, so that makes this a lot easier), and I believe she has already been spayed.  Puppy is in Beaufort NC area and is available immediately.

Basically this is a case where a buyer just made a well-intentioned mistake and has realized that a standard poodle is not the best dog for her and her family.  She breeds cats, and that is where her real love lies.  I give her credit for making a difficult decision.  From an independent person and neighbor of the owner, I know she has had a good home, it's just not the right home.  She's a very sweet, eager to please puppy and will make a lovely pet.

You may send me an email and I'm happy to share the info I have and give you contact information.


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