Sunshine! (video here)

Our winter storm is on it's way out!  After one last hurrah this morning, dusting us with an additional half inch of snow, the sun has come out, the temperature should reach 40 today, and the melt has officially begun!  The trees here are already clear, which is a very good thing for keeping the power on!, and the backyard where the poodles have been romping is now officially a slushy, muddy mess!!!   Ick!   The weather for the next week is supposed to be moderate for this time of year, and dry, dry, dry!  YAY!       The snow was beautiful, but I'll be happy to be able to get out of the house now, as the roads clear.  I don't "do" ice!    There are steep hills on either end of my street, so when we get snow or ice, I am housebound!  I am craving a good hamburger, or maybe even KFC!  LOL!

Click HERE for a video of the poodles enjoying the snow!
We don't get much snow here, and it's not that deep, so when they started to dogpile onto Summer, my white girl, about 2 inches from red clay mud, I fussed at them!  Ha!    When we get snow/ice, we lose power frequently, so there would be no bathing and drying dogs with the chance I couldn't get the soap out or get a soaking wet dog dry!   Yikes!   


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