A great site for information, tips, and fun stuff! Enjoy!

I haven't posted to my blog in a long time - had a very busy summer.  Lizzie and Jordan parented nine beautiful babies, born June 6, and then Summer had two beautiful white girls the hard way - via c-section on July 2.  Those two cuties has a very rough start, but are now beautiful healthy girls.  One will stay here, and the other leaves in another week or so!   I've become attached to both, so giving one up is going to be hard!!! 

Anyway, now that I've had a little bit of time, I found a site I wanted to share.  It's actually a blog called Puppy Leaks (www.puppyleaks.com), and it's just full of very useful information, tips, and just plain fun stuff.  Here's a sample of the most popular articles (and I think if you click on just one of them, it will take you right to the blog site!).  One of my favorites is the one on simple treats you can make yourself for your dogs!    It's worth a bookmark!  Enjoy!

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