Lizzie is getting very close!

I begin to think she may present me with puppies a bit earlier than I originally thought.  Since both parents are mine, I didn't do progesterone testing this time (bad on me!), so I don't know EXACTLY when she ovulated - it's the only way to have a true target date for delivery.   But she's very clingy, restless at night, and showing other (kinda icky) signs that whelping may not be all that far away.    I have to take one of my other girls in for minor (hopefully) surgery tomorrow and I might just take her with me to see what my vet thinks, just for the heck of it.    For a little girl, she's pretty big, indicating a big litter or big puppies, or both!  I just want an easy delivery and fat, healthy, thriving puppies!!!

Watch soon for an xray - my repro vet now has digital xrays, so she can email the xray to me and you all will be able to see!  We'll have a guessing contest on "How many do YOU count?"   Ha!     Bev