Poodle Club of America National Show

The PCA Nationals are going on this week, in Salisbury MD!  The field trials (hunting, retrieving, etc.) started over the weekend, followed by obedience, rally, agility trials, and conformation showing starts today, after the Parade of Champions and New Title Holders.  And it will all be over Friday, and we will have a new Top Poodle for 2014!

Diane Brennan has two Calisun girls, and both were entered in Agility or Rally events.  Fallon, the older girl, did quite well in Agility, but didn't place.  Aven, who is just a baby still and got a late start to her severe reaction to her rabies vaccination, got her very first Rally leg!  Nothing like the stress of your first competition at the largest poodle show in the world!!!!!  LOL!   Congrats to Diane on the success of all her work and dedication - thousands of hours!!!

And, while I don't personally have any dogs showing in conformation this year, I think Josh has at least three of his offspring showing, so I'll be cheering them on!  

If you've never been to a poodle specialty (and this is the ultimate poodle specialty), it's really quite awesome to see all of these gorgeous poodles lining the ring in all of their perfectly groomed grandeur!!!!!  It's hard to imagine the work it took to get there, and the work it takes to get them ready for the ring for this particular show!  Kudos to all of them!


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