Diane and Aven learning Agility!

Lest you think getting an agility winner is mostly fun, you can see and appreciate from this video how much work goes into it - by the owner and by the dog!  Diane does it right!!!  Her other girl, Fallon (sister to my Chloe) is a "performance" star with more than 20 titles, and Aven is just beginning.  Aven got a late start due to neurological issues set off by a severe allergic reaction to the rabies vaccination.  Very scary, and Diane gets 200% credit and a dozen gold stars for not giving up on her and working so hard to bring her back to "normal" for Aven - -  who is as Diane describes her "a pistol"!  

Here's the message I got from Diane yesterday with a link to her video album on You Tube.  Check some of her other videos out.  Diane is a true pro!!!

Hi Bev,
Here is a link to Aven at agility today.  Did a training run with Fallon for PCA and then did a fun run with Aven where I just basically played with her on the course.  I am starting to work her contacts on the A-frame and Dog Walk, but you can see she has no hesitation about working her contact obstacles despite only having been introduced to them a couple weeks ago due to being so setback due to the vaccine issues.  You can see she also has no issues with the closed chute even though she has only been through one once or twice before.  She is a pistol!!

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