Could it be .......... Spring?!?

All across the country, this seems to have been the winter that just won't give up the ghost, but I think we may have passed over the hump.  Trees are full of buds, the Bradford Pear trees are blooming, tulips and daffodils are off and running!  Wahoo!  I'm ready!    

Got my dog tub replumbed to a "sunshine drain" - it drains outside now, not into my septic tank and drain field - so no matter what I will be able to bathe my dogs, something that hasn't happened for almost four weeks!  YIKES!   The pipes are  "curing" today, and I will begin my bathing marathon tomorrow.  Much needed!  It will be days before I get everyone bathed and freshly groomed.  I ordered special Dirty Dog Shampoo just for the occasion!   My ice white girl, Summer, looks like an apricot, and a dirty one at that!  Ick!

Taking Lizzie in next week to have her hips and SA testing done.  She's clear by parentage on NE and also vWD, eyes were great last year, and the next clinic is the end of May.  I do a local thyroid before breeding.  So she should be ready for breeding whenever!    I am trying to decide whether to go ahead with Chloe's last litter first, and then spay her, or do Lizzie this time and Chloe next, then Summer will be spring 2015.  Have to see if I think I have that much energy!  LOL!

Hope everyone is welcoming Spring - it's been a long time coming!!!!!   Bev

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