CH. Legend's Summer Storm at Calisun
Miss Summer, affectionately known around here as "Miss Summy Yummy", is my first venture to the light side!  Ha!  My first white poodle girl!   Since none of my crew could produce whites, I had to look outside my kennel.  Darlene Kelley of Legend Standard Poodles in Atlanta graciously offered to co-own this girl with me, and an agreement was struck!   I will be forever grateful.

Summer is alternately known as the resident blonde bombshell or the resident blonde bubblehead, depends on her behavior of the day!   And, if you think she stays that white all the time, think again!   It's a challenge, but I wouldn't trade this girl for anything.  I've  never had such a beautiful, loveable, sweet goofball of a girl!  She's a great addition to my furry family!
Shown beautifully to championship by Sarah Perchick, and her husband, Matt.  THANK YOU!


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