Lizzie is named for Elizabeth Taylor, thus the Bling It On! part of her registered name.  Lizzie was shown in conformation, but I never finished her championship, even though she had six points and a Group One win, because she absolutely hated having her hair banded.  After she was put into continental trim at one year old (required if you show in conformation), I had her at home for a while to grow coat.  Crated her for two hours one day while I went to the grocery, and came home to find this ball of hair in the bottom of the crate - - - with a rubber band on it!!!!! - - - -  and the front of her topknot just one inch long!  OMG!   Keeping her in hair would have been a nightmare, and I just couldn't do it to her or myself if she hated it that much.  So that was the end of her show career!   

Lizzie is small, but mighty!   She is a sweet loving girl, but takes no guff off of my big boys, and has no trouble putting them in their place.  Her favorite thing to do is to catch Mom (me) catching a nap on the couch, and crawling up to snuggle down between me and the couch and catch 40 winks with me!  She's a grand snuggler!

A petite girl, Lizzie is very "typey", a very pretty, very poodly inky black dainty girl.  She is structurally very sound, with elegant movement.  Great tailset, beautiful feet, a pretty eye, short-backed, level topline.  A lovely, easy to groom dense coat.   Loves to run and chase squirrels, and her motto is very much "Girls just wanna have fun!"

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