A class action suit has been filed against Nestle Purina, asserting that hundreds of dogs have been seriously injured or died from consuming Purina's Beneful dog food line.   Many, many documented cases and apparently Nestle Purina has been trying to keep it quiet, and has known about problems for some time.

I have never recommended this food to anyone who has purchased one of my puppies, and never will.  It's essentially garbage.   If you are feeding it, STOP!  If you've ever considered feeding it, DON'T!   Can't get any clearer than that!

Whenever you are considering your choice of dog foods, I highly recommend that you do a little research on  It's an excellent resource!  Foods are rated up to five star.  I try to stick with four star foods, for health and economic reasons.  As we all know (and feel in our pocketbooks!), dog food prices have shot sky high in recent years.  A little research will find a good healthy choice for your dogs that won't break the bank!

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