Well, wahoo-ish!   Got Lizzie's OFA Hips Certificate yesterday, and she got a GOOD rating.   I would loved to have gotten an excellent, but noooo!   Drat!   In 2013, only 4% of the ratings (all breeds, all submissions) were excellents.  Happy with a good though, as that means Lizzie is good to go to have those beautiful puppies I've got planned - clear/normal on SA, clear by parentage on vWD and NEwS, and a good on hips.  Eye exam for certification on May 31 (my own vet has checked her and sees no problems), and will run a light thyroid test before breeding.  

Now, Mother Nature just needs to give Lizzie a kickstart and let her come into season so we can get this show on the road!  Bev

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