Ordering dog food online

If you'd like to avoid schlepping those heavy bags of dog food, or just save yourself a trip, you can order dog food online with great success from a variety of sites -

I've used most of these with great success.  The best advice I can give you is to check the prices each time to see if anyone has it on sale;  otherwise, you're going to find that their pricing is generally pretty competitive, and check to see what the policy is on "free shipping", which can make a big difference.  My favorites -

Pet Food Direct - www.petfooddirect.com
Chewy's - www.chewy.com
and, believe it or not,
Amazon!   www.amazon.com   - most of the dogfood sites have Amazon stores, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping from almost all of them

I've ordered my dry kibble and canned food, treats, etc., and also the dehydrated and freeze-dried foods I use online for years.  I use autoship for most of it,, so I never run out all of a sudden and have to make an emergency run to a big box store.   PetFoodDirect gives you an extra 15% off for auto ship purchases, but you do miss sales sometimes.  Chewy's doesn't give you any additional discount, but they will give you sale prices.  Each one is a little different!    I just like not having to make that trip to the feed store and schlepping a 35 lb bag of kibble all over town!  It's nice to have it delivered right to my door.  Think about it.    Bev

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