One of my puppies, in training for Agility

This is Aven, Calisun A Storm Blue In!    Her owner, Diane, also has Fallon, another one of my pups, who has umpteen titles (like more than twenty!!!) in obedience and agility.

If you check out the other video links that come up when you watch, you may see some videos of Diane's other girl, Fallon, strutting her stuff.  Fallon is one of mine as well, sister to my Chloe, daughter of my Casey.

Aven, sister to my own Raine (not on the website yet), has gotten a late start in her training but is doing just GREAT!!!   Diane is one of the best dog owners I know, and if it weren't for her, Aven might not be with us!     Aven unfortunately had a severe adverse reaction to the rabies vaccination (a good example of being aware of the possibility and for not over vaccinating ever), her first rabies vaccination so no way to know she was allergic.    The reaction caused her to become OCD - totally focused on some invisible thing she would search for in the grass, in the house, etc., light and shadow chasing, etc.   Kudos to Diane for not giving up on her and working hard with various homeopathic treatments, etc., to "bring her back".  She still has a way to go, but she is a living furry miracle dog!   I've alerted the other puppy owners in this litter to be extra cautious with their dogs on vaccinations, and to let the vet know about Aven's problems, so they can be careful with the other dogs in the litter.

Anyway, enjoy the video of Aven training!  Diane does it right, and does it good!!!!!!!   You rock, Diane! and so does Aven!!!    Hugs, Bev

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