Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter - drove up to the Pretty Place Chapel at the YMCA Camp at Caesar's Head Mountain, which sits right ON the continental divide and the state line between SC and NC.  We were literally on top of the mountain just shy of 3000 feet.  And let me tell you, it was COLD!  47 degrees and windy.  That's the first time I've done that one, and a tradition has been born!      But next year, I will have on different clothes, and I will have gloves and ear muffs!   I have very short hair, and my ears were frozen.  Ha!   But it was lovely - a beautifully done Easter cantata, then a very short sermon while the sun came up, then a delightful breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits with country cream gravy, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, fresh fruit, yogurt.  Just doesn't get much better or more beautiful!  Had a fellow poodle friend from here go with, and she drove.  Do you know how seldom I get to be the passenger?  Then a picnic at my friends' farm, the Browns, who have two poodles (one is my Casey) and a shiloh shepherd.  The North Saluda River runs through their 700 acre tree farm.  Just a perfect day.  Now I get to take a long nap!   Only 3 hours of sleep - had to get up at 3AM to take care of all the dogs and myself and be at my friend's house at 4:45AM.  But hey, it's only once a year and it was breathtaking!

Hope you all had a wonderful, beautiful Easter, but you'd have to go some to be as awesome as mine was!   LOL!

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